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Pest Control Rodents - Pest Control Questions
1.00 Rats or hot water heater noises? puzzled.?

Q. In a mobile home, I hear clicking, ticking noises by the bathroom and bedroom vents-they are adjacent to each other. I had a bad problem with rats-pest control came out for 2 months-caught 2. They had chewed up water lines and the over flow pressure tube from the hot water heater. I had the ducts/vents cleaned out by professionals, in case, some mice were making the noise I still hear by the vents-usually at 9 to 10am and 8-9pm at nite or so. I still hear the tick, tick noise. I had a contractor go under the mobile home and secure the vents with sheet metal and tighten pipes and anything that might rattle-down-now, the noise is even louder-thud, bang and tick, tick. The hot water heater is in a straight line about 10ft on the other side of the mobile home from the bathroom/bedroom. What could be causing this noise? could it be the hot water heater? The water faucets/shower are on the opposite side of the house from the hot water heater-its 12 yrs old,now and I have very hard water. Would a plumber be the one to call? Please help me. I've sealed all around my mobile home against rodents, plugged all holes and pulled all insulation out, secured everything-still here that noise. I still hear the noise about 10ft from where the hot water heater,near the bathroom/bedroom vents. Either its 'evil spirits', water heater making noises in the water lines? I've spent thousands trying to get back to 'normal'-from the rat damage etc. and I don't want to replace the hot water heater if I don't have to-but, I will-just to get some peace-if that's what the noise is coming from. Help! I've had a very bad time. What do you think it might be, please?

A. It sounds like the expansion and contraction of the pipes and heating duct surfaces. You really need to relax. I live in an old house and it makes all kinds of noises. Try putting on the tv or a mellow radio station or a fan as white noise and don't worry about the normal noises of living.If you see a rodent then that is one thing but don't freak about stuff that's not that big of a deal. Relax.

1.00 How do I get rid of carpenter bees in my log home?

Q. I am paying a local pest control company almost $400 per year to treat for Carpenter Bees.

A. My understanding is all it takes is a good coat of paint or stain to stop them from pentrating wood. They're not too strong so proper maintenance of the wood surface is all it takes. Once they're in, though, you probably want professional help.

1.00 What is the law reguarding one year contracts for pest services in FL?

Q. I have heard that you can break a contract any time you want with pest control but the company I went with insists that I have to sign a contract. Any one know the legalities of this?

A. I actually never even heard of it til I googled it. I found this website with the answers for the contract. I hope it helps you.

1.00 What to put in walls to keep spiders out of house?

Q. I recently had a flood in my house. The restoration company tore everything out, including 2 feet of drywall from the floor up. My whole downstairs is exposed (I can see studs, etc.) Soon they will be patching everything up, but before they do I was wondering if there was anything I could put at the base of the wall to help with spider control. We have so many spiders in our house and this could be a good opportunity to put a barrier down in the walls to help deter them.

A. The best thing to do is ask the restoration company or a pest control company.

1.00 Pest Control?

Q. Do I have to take any class to be certified for work with Pest control or I can just do it.

A. Go to the site listed below to find out how to become a certified pest control operator.

1.00 What electronic pest control devices really work?

Q. I have a pest problem in my house with mice and insects. That traps and baits aren't really having that much affect. I have been seeing ads for Riddex and Pest Control Plus. You plug them into the wall and they send signals through your house to repel the pests. I would like to know which ones really work so I can get rid of this nuance. Thank You Sorry for the spelling errors

A. I've got 3 of the devices and still get mice. I think they're useless.

1.00 Where is the cheapest pest control in Philadelphia that provides guaranteed?

Q. I am looking for the cheapest pest control in Philadelphia that provides a service guaranteed. I have look for Orkin, Terminatix but they are too expensive. What are others that is cheaper.

A. Are you willing to Do it Yourself? I had great success with Ortho's Home Defense Max. Spray outside and inside perimeter. The packaging says it's safe for people once dry.

1.00 What pest control chemicals are used in construction?

Q. I am planning to construct a house. What chemicals are to be used as pest control in foundation / plinth? Any brand names?

A. The best to use is Termidor..I have been using it since it came on the market in 2000 and have yet to have a call back


 Pest Control - Rodents Rats and mice are the most common rodents, and also the most dangerous ones as far as disease carrying capacity is concerned. They live in sewers, drains, garbage dumps, and other places where the conditions are moist, and there is always a ready supply of rooting food. They are also the most unsanitary of pests -- they urinate constantly, and leave their droppings spread out all over the place. A rodent infested home is almost always susceptible to all the diseases that these rats bring with them from the sewers. If you've noticed a rat in your house, rest assured that there won't be just one of them for much longer -- rats multiply at an alarming rate. Call today to get rid of your rat problem!

 Pest Control Contractors For Rodents In Jackson, Ms No other pest comes close to the rat in terms of the havoc it can case. Famous for having caused the Bubonic Plague, rats have been responsible for other less devastating, but dangerous diseases like Leptospirosis, which causes liver and kidney malfunctions and rat bite fever which causes a bacterial infection. Besides the number of diseases that they cause, rats also destroy foods in your home, and raid pantries and closets if they can get even the slightest entryway. They are famous for boring and gnawing away at wood to create holes that can give them easy access to the interiors of your cupboards, and can gnaw at wires to cur off electrical wiring and cause short circuits. Act fast if you see signs of a rat in your Jackson, Mississippi area house -- call now!

If you've been using rat poisons to kill your rats, give up hope. These can only kill one rate at a time, if that, and you can sure that before long, your rats will begin avoiding your poison like the plague! Instead, call the extermination service who will use advanced processes and equipment to get rid of these annoying rodents from your Jackson area property! All you have to do is fill out the form above or give us a call, and soon you will have the most professional rodent exterminator in the Jackson, Mississippi area at your door!

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